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The Mother's Fire

A weekly nature-based gathering for mothers and children of all ages.

             Welcome Mothers, to The Village!


I am so excited to be sharing this space with you.


We will meet weekly underneath open sky, around a fire in the ancient way that we have always done.

Allowing ourselves time to recharge, replenish, connect with other mothers, the trees, the birds and all of nature.

Singing, walking, meditating, moving, climbing trees (for the brave ones!), playing games, foraging, cooking, creating herbal concoctions, crafting, weaving and learning outdoor / nature connection skills.

I strongly believe these practices to be vital to our wellbeing, and that of our children.

The sisterhood created around the fire is pure magic. Though laughter and tears, the shared journey of motherhood bonds us together in friendships that far transcend our formal gatherings.

We will, week by week  build on your knowledge, skills (and joy!) enabling a solid nature connection practice, and the skills and confidence to spend heaps of outdoor time with your little ones, whatever age.

My hope is that all fireside experiences can be taken home and woven into your family rhythms and ways of being. 


Little ones are both held by the circle and free to be led by their explorations of the natural world.

They either join in depending on age or play freely in our beautiful, safe and secure space.


Sessions will be £12 per adult for the 2 hours including craft or herb materials, and a hot soup for mothers and children.

Children are free. As always during the holidays older siblings are welcome to join the circle. .

Spots around the fire are bookable termly, which run with the natural festivals rather than schools.

I have extensive training in outdoor leadership, am insured and first aid trained so you are in good hands.


Due to current global happennings you may watch this space for our next festivals.


So, mothers, here are the practicalities


The location is; 

The Hoathly Hill Forest Garden 

Hoathly Hill


RH19 4SJ.


Please park in FINCHES FIELD CARPARK, which has the same postcode. Go up Church Hill at The Fox Pub (the road uphill but not the sharp turn around the pub), and car park is on the right. I will meet you at the car park just before 10am if it's your first time.


Please dress appropriately for the weather! There will be a cosy fire, and there is shelter and blankets, but ultimately we will be outside rain or shine :)


My number is 07938 454 614, please do call if you get lost or if you have questions / want a chat beforehand.

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